Kin Lane

You Better Check Your Sources

I have long since stopped arguing with crazy. I just don’t have the time or energy to debate whether lizard people live in the center of the earth, or whether or not the moon is real, let alone if the moon landing was faked. There are many reasons why you should always talk to people who don’t agree with you, and debate people with differing opinions, but there is no reason you should be entertaining insanity just because you grew up with someone, or they are a family member. Especially when they are equipped with a whole toolbox of ways to remove the ground from underneath your feet, such as questioning your sources and where you got your information, which is speak for “the voices that I tune into on the web, are correct, and the ones you tune into are always wrong”. There is no actual “source”, or process for sourcing, it is simply a simple tool to discredit your facts and leave you on shaky ground so they can get the upper hand in every conversation, about any topic.

You can’t argue with someone who questions your sources halfway through a conversation, not inquiring for more details about your sources, and going straight to saying that your sources are questionable. They are either ill-equipped to have a discussion on a particular subject, or also generally ill-equipped to actually discuss reality, and are just looking to throw you off balance. They don’t have sources, and are not concerned with your sources, they are just interested inn gaining an edge. You can’t debate someone who works from this type of position. You will always lose. You will always be yelling into the wind. Your time is more important than this. You have more meaningful conversations to be have with the younger generation who needs your leadership, and are actually is seeking to understand the world around them. It is wasted time to talk with someone who questions your sources without asking about the details first, let alone just assuming that they have the one true source of information.

I spent years arguing with crazy because I felt like these people matter. As human beings needing housing, education, healthcare, and deserving of fundamental rights, they matter, and should not be dismissed. But as someone worthy of your time to invite to your front porch or dinner table for a heated debate about what matters in our world, they aren’t worth the time. Sorry. “Check Your Source” is just one of a toolbox full of ways in which they will defend their isolation and mental illness, and it just isn’t worth getting caught up in. Life is too short. There are plenty of super smart people out in the world who would love to discuss topics which actually have true forward motion, and aren’t about questioning everything that is and was, and entertaining every conspiracy theory that comes along. It is kind of like watching that same old movie you’ve watched 30 times already, instead of choosing to read a new book on a subject that is new to you, by an author who provides a diverse voice from your reality. Choose the book. You are on this planet for a reason, and it isn’t to argue with insane people, or not move yourself forward.

Always question your sources. Always go further to find answers and verify where you get your information from. However, don’t let crazy people use this as a way to suck you into their own personal insanity. Identify the tricks of their trade. If someone is questioning your sources without understanding your sources and how you learn about stuff, then they are just working to shift the ground underneath you so they can use to their advantage. They aren’t looking to understand your view, change their view, or understand the world around them. They are just trying to assert a power position over you. Making sure that you know you are wrong. Making sure you know you think you are not smart. They just are in the business of perpetuating their existing position around a topic, and win at all cost. These people are not worth your time. There are plenty of other smart people in the world who will actually debate topics with you, help share their knowledge, and work to understand your position. Your time on this planet is too valuable to be wasting on people who are just mentally ill, lack the education necessary to remain in a forward motion, and prefer isolation over being around true knowledge and wisdom. Don’t waste your time and energy.