Admittedly Living In A Bubble But Still Claiming To Be So Outrageously Right

A hallmark of conversation I’ve had with some friends and family who are unapologetically trump supporters is their admittance that they live in a bubble. When challenged on some pretty obvious factual inaccuracies in their perspective they frankly admit, “I know I live in a bubble”. Which almost always follows up with, “I like things this way”. Ok. I don’t have problem with people crafting their bubble, and enjoying living in this carefully crafted reality. I do have a problem with folks who reach out of their bubble, and inflict their way of live on those of us who do not choose to live in a bubble, and actually have a fuller picture of what is going on in the world.

I do not know everything, far from it. I do know enough though to understand there are many other voices, and dimensions to many of the current debates on the table, from race, to taxes, and immigration. I do not have all the answers, but I do grasp that not everyone has a seat at the table when decisions are being made that seriously impact all of OUR lives. When you live in a rural area you tend to not see all the other folks who should be at the table, as well as when the resulting decisions impact their life. Your bubble insulates you from the repercussions of having to make decisions from your vantage point, something that feeds into you thinking you have a complete picture. It is one of the reasons you are so confident, if you had a more complete view, you would begin to see how incomplete and uninformed your opinions are, and how many people they hurt.

What frustrates me even more is when you retreat from a discussion into your bubble defense, and I point out multiple aspects of what you are not seeing, and even the puppet strings that are being pulled to get you worked up, you double down on being right, even with all this evidence. I don’t understand how you can make any claim that you are being left behind, and people in Washington or the liberals on the coasts aren’t listening to your needs, when you shut down so many other voices by default, just so you can live in your bubble. Actually, I do understand. It is something called white privilege. You really do believe your voice is more important, even if you are fully aware at how uninformed you are in the same breathe. It shouldn’t matter, you feel that people are talking down to you, when it is you that have placed yourself down into a well of your own creation, where people have to talk down to even have a conversation with you.

You’ll notice that I’m engaging in fewer conversation with you. You’ll notice that I don’t come around anymore. This isn’t because I think I’m better than you, it is because I’ve chosen to live outside of the bubble. I’ve chosen to live in a world where I don’t have all the answers, and I am forced to listen to other people. I’m not a know-it-all, I’m actually fully aware of how little I know, and have chosen to open my mind to learn more. I’m seeking out diverse opinions, no not just “the right”. I am seeking out diverse opinions from people who do not look like me, and do not come from the same background as I came from. This process has made some significantly uncomfortable situations for me, and forced me to question much of what I’ve been taught, and who I think I am. However, it has made me want more. It has made me want to see the world for what it is, not a fabricated bubble that was handed to me in my youth, and has been carefully cultivated to keep everyone “safe”. I’m not living in a bubble, and I’m far from being right.