It Is Not The World, It Is You

There are plenty of people who want to scare you. This is how power works, by keeping you in a perpetual state of fear. From home to Washington DC, many want you scared. They want you scared so you do exactly what they want. They want you scared so they can take everything from you, and take everyone from you, and have you all for themselves. People who have the power are very good at painting the world as a scary place, and using colors that terrify you, so that everything will reflect back all those nightmares from your past.

The world isnt’ out to kill you. It has it’s terrifying moments, but those are being amplified, and echoed to make them much larger than they are. In reality, the world is full of people who would take care of you. Feed you. Give you a place to sleep. Invite you to work in their garden. Share their home. But, only if you let them. If you never visit, and get to know them. You will never know. They will never know. You have to put yourself out there. Make the first step, and overcome your fears. The fears that have been whispered in your ear. The fears that have paralyzed you for most of your life.

I used to be afraid to go out here. I believed all the stories. Everything seemed dark. It was very scary for me to take that first step, and there were plenty of times I felt alone out here. But the more time I spent out here, the bright the colors became, and the more smiles I saw. I realized that the scary faces, and the dark colors were me. It wasn’t the world. It was the way I had been taught to look at the world. Now, everything that was before seems dark, and I see how I became so afraid. I can see my path of fear, fed by everyone around me, who were just as scared, but looking for company.

The world is just a reflection of us. We have never lived in a time where there were so many mirrors reflecting our fears back at us. The Internet is made up of algorithmic mirrors that watch us, study us, and learn our deepest darkest fears, and then push those back on us. This is the new power, that wants us in our bubbles. Afraid. Plugged in. Tuning in. Never leaving our bubble. Terrified of the world, and sure everyone, and everything wants to kill you. Don’t let them scare you. Don’t let them win. Take control and take that first step out into the world. You will see. People are waiting to love you. Take care of you. Embrace you until your fears go away.